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GEORGIOS BROUFAS Tribute and Moments of Trip

Trip: 14 August 2020. From Piraeus to Salamina, with the GEORGIOS BROUFAS of Broufas Vessels.

The small passenger boat GEORGIOS BROUFAS was built in Greece in 1997 for her namesake owner, Broufas Vessels, for service on the Piraeus-Salamina line (serving the ports of Kamatero and in Paloukia). She was followed by a sister ship, the GEORGIOS BROUFAS II, which also joined her on the Piraeus-Salamina line in 1998. Since then, the two ships have become central figures of the connection between Piraeus and the Saronic Gulf island, which is the one located the closest to Athens. They also make a few crossings between Megalo Pefko (which is near Megara, located in the Elefsina Bay) and Salamina (through the port of Faneromeni) during the summer. After spending 19 years on the Piraeus-Salamina line, she was sent to the Cyclades to operate on the Ios-Sikinos-Folegandros line during the summer of 2016. However, after just one season in this service, she returned to the Piraeus-Salamina line the following year.

Before having my trip the GEORGIOS BROUFAS, I had spent the entire morning in the port of Piraeus, taking numerous pictures while witnessing several ships departing and leaving the port from 06:45. This morning was extremely lively and memorable, as I was happy to spot so many ships carrying out or completing their morning service on the Aegean Sea. However, this day was far from over, as I was then planning to take even more pictures as I was going to see many ships operating in Salamina, as well as seeing countless others when passing by Drapetsona, Psyttaleia, Keratsini and Perama. The ship on which I would go on to spend this trip was the GEORGIOS BROUFAS, which had arrived in Piraeus at around 09:45. This was my first-ever trip with that specific trip, and by traveling with her I had now been onboard both ships currently owned by Broufas Vessels. Indeed, I had already traveled twice with the GEORGIOS BROUFAS II, the first time was on 3 July 2018 from Piraeus to Salamina, while the second time was on 27 July 2019, also from Piraeus to Salamina (unfortunately I was not able to take any pictures during the latter trip). When I had my first trip with the GEORGIOS BROUFAS II, it was the first time that I had been in Salamina since 2000. However, since 2018, I have been to the island five times, while also having the opportunity to travel with the double-ended ferries operating on the shorter Perama-Salamina line. But overall, this was my third trip from Piraeus to Salamina, and also my third onboard a ship owned by Broufas Vessels.

The GEORGIOS BROUFAS having just arrived in the port of Piraeus, and seen heading towards her docking spot.

While I was waiting for the GEORGIOS BROUFAS to dock, I took another picture of the small passenger boat POSEIDON of Poseidon Waterways, whose arrival I had witnessed just a few minutes before beginning my trip.

The GEORGIOS BROUFAS seen just a few moments before beginning her maneuvering procedure in Piraeus.

Just behind her, I noticed another arrival, namely that of the hydrofoil FLYING DOLPHIN ATHINA of Aegean Flying Dolphins, which had arrived from Aegina.

The nice and reliable GEORGIOS BROUFAS seen shortly before she underwent her maneuvering procedure in Piraeus.

The GEORGIOS BROUFAS seen arriving in Piraeus, in what was her twenty-third season on the Piraeus-Salamina line. Moreover, it was her fourth consecutive summer on the line, as she had spent the 2016 season on the Ios-Sikinos-Folegandros line on the Cyclades.

The FLYING DOLPHIN ATHINA seen arriving in Piraeus as well. Built in 1991, she was bought by Aegean Flying Dolphins in 2010. She initially began service on the Piraeus-Hydra-Spetses-Porto Cheli line on the Saronic Gulf. After just one season there, she was deployed on the Piraeus-Aegina-Agistri line in 2011, where she has since been remaining.

The GEORGIOS BROUFAS seen maneuvering in Piraeus, shortly before I embarked onboard her.

Upon embarking onboard the ship, one can see that her stern floor greets passengers with a map drawing of the island of Salamina surrounded by a ship's wheel.

Just like the GEORGIOS BROUFAS II, the GEORGIOS BROUFAS has two decks, with the lower one featuring the ship's indoor lounge area, while the upper one features the passenger outdoor area and the ship's bridge. Here is the indoor area, whose design actually look quite to different to that of the GEORGIOS BROUFAS II. The latter had red and maroon lounges and small wooden tables, while the GEORGIOS BROUFAS has dark blue lounges and some white lounges in the middle section, plastic white tables and a wooden bar featuring a gold metallic board.

A view of the ship's sun deck in the upper outdoor deck area, which, in that case, was quite similar to that of the GEORGIOS BROUFAS II.

The ship's port side outdoor alley leading from the sun deck to the bridge. It also features some blue chairs aligned one next to the other and facing the sea.

The ship's starboard side alley, which also leads to the bridge and has a few blue chairs facing the sea.

From the ship's port side, I spotted the high speed catamaran FLYINGCAT 4 of Hellenic Seaways, which operates on the Saronic Gulf, on the Piraeus-Poros-Hydra-Ermioni-Spetses-Porto Cheli line.

Barely a few seconds after seeing the FLYINGCAT 4, her fleetmate, the FLYINGCAT 6 was departing the port of Piraeus. She also operates on the Saronic Gulf, and in 2020 she was operating on the Piraeus-Aegina-Agistri-Poros-Hydra-Ermioni-Spetses-Porto Cheli line.

The FLYINGCAT 6 seen leaving the port of Piraeus, in what was her first season featuring the new livery of Hellenic Seaways, which was added on all of the company's high speed craft, following the end of the advertising partnership with Cosmote. The ship has been operating on the Saronic Gulf since 2018, while she had also been there in 2013, in 2015 and in 2016. From 2005 (when she began service for Hellenic Seaways) to 2012, in 2014 and in 2017, she operated on the Sporades.

The POSEIDON seen resting in Piraeus. Built in 1995 (two years before the GEORGIOS BROUFAS), she was spending her first season on the Piraeus-Salamina line. However, unlike the ships of Broufas Vessels, she serves the port of Selinia in Salamina. Before that, she was on the Thermaic Gulf, operating on the Thessaloniki-Peraia-Neoi Epivates-Agia Triada line during the summer of 2019, which was her debut season under her owners (formerly known as Thessaloniki Waterways). She joined them in late 2018, after having spent three years as the THERMAÏKOS I of Salamina Waterways on the Perama-Salamina line. The latter had reactivated her in 2015, after she had spent twelve years of lay-up in Salamina (at the time she was known as the MARIA K of Kalfaoglou Shipping).

Right next to the POSEIDON was the double-ended ferry ACHAEOS of 2way Ferries, which serves the Piraeus-Aegina-Agistri line on the Saronic Gulf since 2014.

The FLYINGCAT 4 seen resting in Piraeus. Built in 1999 as the SEA SPEED 1 of Agapitos Lines, she barely had the time to operate for them as she was sold to Minoan Flying Dolphins (which became Hellas Flying Dolphins in 2002), the predecessors of Hellenic Seaways, in late 1999. After spending her debut season on the Cyclades in 2000, she then spent two years on the Agios Konstantinos-Skiathos-Skopelos-Alonissos-Thessaloniki line on the Sporades, before then being deployed on the Heraklion-Santorini-Ios-Paros-Mykonos line from 2003 to 2012. After three seasons operating on the Rafina-Cyclades service, she then returned to the service linking Thessaloniki with the Sporades in 2016 and in 2017. She then operated on the Rafina-Tinos-Mykonos-Naxos-Ios-Sikinos-Folegandros line in 2018, before heading to the Saronic Gulf in 2019. As such, the ship has operated in many areas of the Aegean Sea in the past 20 years, and her service has always been acclaimed, no matter where she has been deployed.

Next to the ACHAEOS was another ferry operating on the Saronic Gulf. Indeed, it was the PHIVOS of Nova Ferries, which serves the Piraeus-Aegina-Methana-Poros line under the Saronic Ferries joint venture (which includes her company and 2way Ferries).

At around 10:15, the GEORGIOS BROUFAS departed the port of Piraeus. I could therefore see the PHIVOS and the ACHAEOS, alongside the tiny POSEIDON.

At the same time, the high speed catamaran FLYINGCAT 5 of Hellenic Seaways, which had arrived in Piraeus right before the GEORGIOS BROUFAS did, was also seen leaving her docking spot.

As the GEORGIOS BROUFAS was leaving, I spotted the high speed ferry HIGHSPEED 4 of Hellenic Seaways. She was also seen carrying the new livery of her company, which in my opinion looked really good on her.

I then saw the cruiseferry ELYROS of ANEK Lines preparing to depart Piraeus as well. As I stated it in my previous post, this was the first time since 2014 that I saw that specific ship.

The ELYROS about to depart the port of Piraeus. She was spending her first full summer under ANEK Lines since 2014. From 2015 to 2019, she was chartered each summer to the Algerian company Algérie Ferries, instead operating for ANEK Lines only during the winter season. However, this year she remained with her owners, and she of course spent the summer on her much-acclaimed service on the Piraeus-Chania line.

As we began to head towards the exit of the port of Piraeus, we passed by the ferry AQUA JEWEL of Sea Jets, which operates under the Sea Jets Ferries division. She was spending her debut season on the Piraeus-Gytheion-Kythira-Antikythira-Kissamos line.

Next to the AQUA JEWEL was a pair of high speed ferries, namely the SUPEREXPRESS of Golden Star Ferries and the CHAMPION JET 1, also owned by Sea Jets.

The AQUA JEWEL seen resting in Piraeus. Built in 2003, she has had a very eventful career. She spent the first 11 years of her life on the Cyclades, first with Alpha Ferries (2003-2010) and then under charter to NEL Lines (2010-2014). After being plagued by numerous engine failures in 2013 and in 2014, her charter ended and she returned to Alpha Ferries in 2015. The company repaired her and attempted to reactivate her on the Saronic Gulf and then on the Sporades, but she was ultimately sold to Sea Jets in 2017 in order to resume service on the inter-Cyclades lifeline, which she had also served during her stint under NEL Lines. During the summer of 2018 and the summer of 2019 she was chartered to Atlântico Line for service on the Azores Archipelago. She returned to Sea Jets this year and has since been on her current service.

A view of the FLYINGCAT 5 as she was heading towards the docking spot that had previously been occupied by the FLYINGCAT 6. This was her third season on the Saronic Gulf, as she had also operated there back in 2014 and in 2017.

The FLYINGCAT 5 seen alongside her fleetmate, namely the HIGHSPEED 4.

The ELYROS seen departing the port of Piraeus. Since she began service for ANEK Lines in 2008, she has been the company's flagship.

The FLYINGCAT 5 seen heading towards the docking spot that was previously occupied by her fleetmate and sister ship, thr FLYINGCAT 6. Just like the latter, the FLYINGCAT 5 operated on the Piraeus-Aegina-Agistri-Poros-Hydra-Ermioni-Spetses-Porto Cheli line for the first time, after having previously operated only on the Piraeus-Poros-Hydra-Ermioni-Spetses-Porto Cheli line.

A view of another high speed ferry of Hellenic Seaways, namely the HELLENIC HIGHSPEED. She was seen in Piraeus carrying her company's new livery. A few days after taking this picture, she began service on the Siteia-Kasos-Karpathos-Chalki-Rhodes line on the Dodecanese.

The ELYROS departing the port of Piraeus in order to head towards Chania.

The impressive ELYROS seen departing the port of Piraeus. Since beginning service for ANEK Lines, she has always been on the Piraeus-Chania line, with the sole exceptions being when she would replace her fleetmates during their annual refits. In such cases, she has had brief spells on the Piraeus-Heraklion line or on the Patras-Igoumenitsa-Venice line on the Adriatic Sea.

Next to the AQUA JEWEL and the high speed ferries was the high speed trimaran SUPERSPEED of Golden Star Ferries.

The SUPERSPEED and the CHAMPION JET 1 seen together in Piraeus. Both ships were built in the same shipyard, the famed Incat Shipyard in Australia. They then had eventful careers in Northern Europe before arriving in Greece. The SUPERSPEED has been owned by Golden Star Ferries since 2018, whereas the CHAMPION JET 1 was bought by Sea Jets in 2015.

A view of the CHAMPION JET 1, which had returned to Sea Jets after having spent the 2019 season under charter to Spanish company Naviera Armas. She was notably the first-ever Greek high speed ferry on which I traveled, as I had a trip with her from Santorini to Piraeus on 12 July 2015, during her debut season under Sea Jets.

A view of various well-known ships seen together in Piraeus. Indeed, we can see the FLYINGCAT 4, the AQUA JEWEL, the SUPEREXPRESS and the CHAMPION JET 1.

At the other side, one could spot the HIGHSPEED 4, the PHIVOS and the ACHAEOS.

As we continued to head towards the exit of the port of Piraeus, I spotted the high speed ferry SUPERRUNNER of Golden Star Ferries.

We also passed by the gigantic NISSOS SAMOS of Hellenic Seaways, which serves the Piraeus-Psara-Oinousses-Chios-Mytilene line on the Northeast Aegean Sea.

In front of the NISSOS SAMOS was another cruiseferry, namely the KYDON PALACE of Minoan Lines. Formerly known as the FESTOS PALACE, she was spending the first season of her career under her new name, and on the Piraeus-Chania line.

The SUPERRUNNER seen in Piraeus. She was previously known as the SPEEDRUNNER IV of Aegean Speed Lines from 2009 to 2016, before beginning service for Golden Star Ferries in 2017. She spent her first three seasons on the Rafina-Tinos-Mykonos-Paros-Naxos-Ios-Santorini line. Furthermore, I have also traveled with her, during a trip from Ios to Mykonos on 17 June 2018.

As we were nearing the exit of the port of Piraeus, I saw the BLUE STAR 2 of Blue Star Ferries, which had also returned to Piraeus in the morning of that day.

The KYDON PALACE seen in Piraeus. This year was quite notable for her, as she operated for the first time on a new service and under a new name. Indeed, from 2001 (the year in which she was built for Minoan Lines) to early 2020, she operated as the FESTOS PALACE on the Piraeus-Heraklion line (while beginning service on the Piraeus-Milos-Herkalion line in 2018). However, this year Minoan Lines decided to undergo a fleet reshuffle, and therefore she switched her service on Heraklion with the one previously served by her fleetmate and sister ship, the MYKONOS PALACE, which had been introduced on the Piraeus-Chania line in 2018. As a result of this, the MYKONOS PALACE was herself renamed FESTOS PALACE, whereas the original FESTOS PALACE was renamed KYDON PALACE.

The impressive BLUE STAR 2, which was spending yet another successful season on the Cyclades and the Dodecanese. For the 2020 season, she was on the Piraeus-Syros-Amorgos-Patmos-Leros-Kalymnos-Kos-Rhodes line.

A view of the SUPERRUNNER and of the KYDON PALACE in Piraeus.

Next to the BLUE STAR 2 was the EKATERINI P of Fast Ferries, which was spending the 2020 season in Piraeus following her engine failure in early 2019. She usually operates on the Rafina-Cyclades service, where she was successfully introduced back in 2012.

Another view of the BLUE STAR 2, which was seen receiving bunkers by the SYROS of Minerva Bunkering (formerly known as Aegean Marine Petroleum).

Upon exiting the port of Piraeus, I saw the cruiseferry KNOSSOS PALACE of Minoan Lines, which had also exited the port in order to head towards Milos and Heraklion.

The KNOSSOS PALACE having left the port of Piraeus. She was built in 2000 for Minoan Lines, and was inserted on the Piraeus-Heraklion line, where she had a tremendously successful service. In 2018 she began operating on the Piraeus-Milos-Heraklion line. For the past 20 years, she has been the company's flagship.

The KNOSSOS PALACE having exited the port of Piraeus.

A view of the port of Piraeus as seen from its exit. I could see the NISSOS SAMOS, the ELYROS and the AQUA JEWEL. Between the two Japanese-built cruiseferries is the FLYINGCAT 5, while the PHIVOS can also be seen behind the NISSOS SAMOS.

The KNOSSOS PALACE having exited the port of Piraeus in order to head towards Milos and Heraklion. Unfortunately, as I am writing this post, the ship is spending her last days in Greece. Indeed, she is due to join the Italian company Grimaldi Lines, the main company of Grimaldi Group in December. This will be done as part of the ongoing aforementioned fleet reshuffle as the ship is due to be replaced by her other sister ship the CRUISE BONARIA (the ex-OLYMPIA PALACE of Minoan Lines, which currently operates for Grimaldi Lines), which is set to rejoin Minoan Lines in order to begin service on the Piraeus-Heraklion line alongside the FESTOS PALACE. As a result, the two ships will trade their names, with the current KNOSSOS PALACE set to be renamed CRUISE BONARIA, whereas the current CRUISE BONARIA will become the new KNOSSOS PALACE.

The KNOSSOS PALACE seen in what turned out to be the final summer of her career under Minoan Lines, as she is due to end her 20-year spell under the latter. She will be missed fondly by the passengers of Heraklion, for whom she became an icon.

Just a few moments after we had exited the port of Piraeus, the flagship of ANEK Lines was seen exiting it as well in order to follow the flagship of Minoan Lines. Indeed, the ELYROS was spotted leaving the port in order to head to Chania.

The ELYROS seen exiting the port of Piraeus.

As the ELYROS was exiting the port of Piraeus and the GEORGIOS BROUFAS was heading towards Salamina, I noticed the small high speed boat SEBECO of ANES Ferries approaching Piraeus.

The SEBECO seen approaching the port of Piraeus. This was her first summer on the Piraeus-Northern Aegina line (serving the port of Souvala) on the Saronic Gulf. Before that, she had spent the first two seasons of her career on the Rhodes-Symi line.

The ELYROS having just exited the port of Piraeus.

The SEBECO about to enter the port of Piraeus. She was built in 2018 in Greece, and was the first newbuilding of ANES Ferries in almost 30 years. Indeed, the last time the company had ordered a ship for construction was in 1990, back when they ordered the small catamaran SYMI II, also for service on the Rhodes-Symi line. That ship has been operating for the Rhodes-based company Sea Dreams since 2018.

Two ships of completely different sizes seen right next to entrance/exit point of the port of Piraeus: the large ELYROS and the tiny SEBECO.

The great ELYROS seen heading towards her 'second home', namely the port of Chania.

One last view of the ELYROS as she is sailing towards Chania.

After having left the main Piraeus area, the GEORGIOS BROUFAS was now passing by Drapetsona and the strait separating the latter from the small island of Psyttaleia, which hosts the largest sewage treatment plant in Europe. As we passed by the latter island, I noticed the landing craft PSYTTALEIA II of Psyttaleia Shipping departing it.

The PSYTTALEIA II seen leaving her namesake island. Built in 2000 in Greece, she has spent all 20 years of her career on the Drapetsona-Psyttaleia line, hence being the main carrier of the island's employees and equipment.

The PSYTTALEIA II maneuvering in order to depart the island of Psyttaleia.

The PSYTTALEIA II seen as she is about to leave her namesake island.

The PSYTTALEIA II seen departing Psyttaleia in order to head towards Drapetsona.

Moments later, the GEORGIOS BROUFAS went on to meet her sister ship and fleetmate, the GEORGIOS BROUFAS II, which was heading from Salamina to Piraeus.

Crossing the GEORGIOS BROUFAS II as she heads towards the opposite direction of that of the GEORGIOS BROUFAS.

The GEORGIOS BROUFAS II seen heading towards the port of Piraeus. She was built just one year after her sister ship, and has spent her entire career up until the end of the 2020 season on the Piraeus-Salamina line.

The GEORGIOS BROUFAS II on her way towards Piraeus.

After passing by Drapetsona and Keratsini, where I saw the container terminal and the auto-carrier terminal, we were now passing by Perama. There I spotted the Psarros Shipyard, where I saw the small one-day cruise ship PLATYTERA TON OURANON of Hydraïki Cruises. She is usually a regular presence on the Saronic Gulf, having myself done a one-day cruise onboard her from Floisbos to Hydra, Poros and Aegina back on 9 September 2017. However, since late 2018 she has been replaced by her fleetmate, the ANNA MARU, and has remained laid-up in Perama.

The next ship that I got to see was one which made her first-ever appearance in front of my eyes. Indeed, it was the conventional ferry SAONISOS of Saos Ferries, which was undergoing repairs and a minor conversion in Perama in order to be reactivated for service by her company.

The SAONISOS seen in Perama. Ever since her arrival in Greece in 2007, she has had an unusual career so far, with several ups and downs. Indeed, she was bought in 2007 by Saos Ferries, but only began her conversion for them in 2013. Moreover, this conversion ended up lasting five years, and she began service only in 2018, hence 11 years after her maiden arrival in Greece. She was deployed on the Alexandroupolis-Samothraki line, where she spent two seasons before being the first out of the three ships of Saos Ferries to experience an engine failure in the middle of the summer of 2019. After her other two fleetmates also had to prematurely end their services, resulting in the infamous Samothraki coastal service fiasco, Saos Ferries was forced to withdraw from the line. Since then, two of its ships, the ferry STAVROS (the ex-SAOS II) and the small high speed boat ZEFYROS, are operating on the Dodecanese. The SAONISOS is also being prepared, as she is receiving additional passenger and crew cabins. It remains to be seen where she will be reactivated over the upcoming months.

In the Tsangarinos Shipyard, I saw a laid-up ship, namely the high speed craft KALLI P of Idomeneas Lines. This ship previously had experience in Greece as the PANAGIA THALASSINI of C-Link Ferries (2004-2007) and of NEL Lines (2007-2012). She was chartered by the latter to the Moroccan company Inter Shipping in 2012 and operated on the Algeciras-Tangier Med line, but by 2013 she was laid-up in Tangier Med due to both NEL Lines and Inter Shipping experiencing financial issues. She was then rumoured to make a comeback to Greece as she was bought by Panagiotopoulos Shipping (which was rebranded Idomeneas Lines) in 2015. Despite being renamed and converted for service on the Heraklion-Santorini line, she never began operations due to the outstanding debts carried by the doomed NEL Lines. Hence, the ship has remained in that spot for the past five years.

The KALLI P seen in Perama, awaiting her fate.

Not far from her was a ship which I happened to know quite well. Indeed, it was the ferry ZAKYNTHOS 1 of Kefalonian Lines, which has been laid-up since 2018, after she experienced an engine failure. She was a notable veteran on the Kyllini-Zakynthos line and on the Kyllini-Kefalonia line on the Ionian Sea, having operated for the Zakynthos-based company ANEZ from 1990 to 2014 (although she was laid-up from 2007 to 2012) before being chartered to Kefalonian Lines. Despite providing reliable service for the latter, her engine failure in 2018 was followed by the demise of the company at the end of that same year. Since then, the company has ceased operations. With the ship now being 47 years old, only a miracle could occur so that she could sail again.

I then began to see the Perama Ship Repair Zone. There, I spotted two particular ferries, which are owned by Greek companies, but have actually not made a single trip in Greece. Indeed, the ship on the left is the Ro-Ro carrier AYSHE of Aegean Cargo Management, which was a well-known company of Kostas Agapitos (the former owner of Agapitos Express Ferries) operating Ro-Ro carriers on the Aegean Sea during the 2000s. Their most notable acquisition was that of this particular ship, which is known to be the fastest Ro-Ro carrier in the world, being capable of reaching a speed of 30 knots! She had been bought in 2008, after having spent the first ten years of her career as the SUNFLOWER TOMAKOMAI of the Japanese company Blue Highway Line (now known as MOL Ferry, and the former owners of the ELYROS). She arrived in Greece under the name AEGEAN HEAVEN, and was converted in Perama before being chartered to the Spanish company Trasmediterránea from 2008 to 2010. After that, she was laid-up in Perama and then in Elefsina from 2010 to 2014, before being reactivated during that year in order to begin a charter for the Turkish company Ekol Logistics as the AYSHE. She was deployed on the Sète-İstanbul line, where she remained until 2019. She has since remained laid-up in Perama, and her future is uncertain. As for the ship on the right, she has also had a very eventful career. Indeed, she was built in 1975 as the SAINT ÉLOI of the French company Angleterre-Lorraine-Alsace de Navigation, which was part of the British conglomerate Sealink. After spending 15 years on the Channel (including her final year as the CHANNEL ENTENTE, from 1989 to 1990), she became the KING ORRY of the Isle of Mann Steam Packet Company, for whom she operated on the Liverpool-Heysam-Douglas line on the Irish Sea until 1998. That year, she joined the Italian company Moby Lines, and began service a year later as the MOBY LOVE 2 on the Piombino-Elba line on the Tyrrhenian Sea. In 2002 she was renamed MOBY LOVE, and continued to operate for Moby Lines until 2018, when she was sold to the Greek company Hellenic Med Ferries, being renamed AEOLOS. She was converted in Perama and in Turkey from 2018 to 2019. It was then announced that she would be chartered to Atlântico Line for the 2019 season, for service on the Azores Archipelago as the AZORES EXPRESS. However, she was not prepared in time, and therefore the charter was canceled. She then attempted to solve the fiasco caused by Saos Ferries in Samothraki by being inserted on the Alexandroupolis-Samothraki line. However, she never managed to complete her trip, as her draught exceeded the limit of the port of Samothraki. As a result, she had to return to Alexandroupolis, with her passengers being livid due to this continuing the fiasco. The AZORES EXPRESS has since been laid-up in Perama, and there are many rumours about a potential reactivation in the future.

As we continued to pass by Perama, I spotted a ship for the first time in five years. Indeed, it was the KRITI I of ANEK Lines, which had rejoined the company after having spent three years under charter to the Italian company Grandi Navi Veloci. She was seen carrying the livery of her owners for the first time since 2017.

Next to the KRITI I was one of her fleetmates, the EL. VENIZELOS. Both former Adriatic Sea and Cretan partners were spending the 2020 season in Perama.

The KRITI I seen in Perama. She was built in 1979, and joined ANEK Lines in 1996, alongside her sister ship, the KRITI II. They entered service on the Patras-Igoumenitsa-Corfu-Ancona line on the Adriatic Sea. After the arrival of the newly-built OLYMPIC CHAMPION in 2000, the KRITI I was inserted on the Patras-Igoumenitsa-Ravenna-Catania line during that season. Just one year later, she was deployed on the Piraeus-Heraklion line, where she stayed until 2011. After a season on the Patras-Igoumenitsa-Corfu-Venice line alongside the KRITI II in 2012, she was then chartered to the Italian company Go In Sardinia in 2013, with her spell there being unsuccessful. She returned to ANEK Lines in 2014 for service on the Piraeus-Heraklion line, before moving to the Piraeus-Chania line in 2015. After operating on the Piraeus-Kalymnos-Kos-Rhodes line in 2016, she was chartered in 2017 to Grandi Navi Veloci for service on the Civitavecchia-Termini Imerese line on the Tyrrhenian Sea. After a successful three-year stint there, she returned to ANEK Lines.

The EL. VENIZELOS and the KRITI I seen in Perama. In between them was the DIAGORAS of Blue Star Ferries.

The EL. VENIZELOS seen in Perama. She was the flagship of ANEK Lines from 1992 to 2000. After spending three consecutive summers on the Piraeus-Chania line, she was replaced by the ELYROS for the 2020 season.

The DIAGORAS and the KRITI I seen together in Perama. Both ships were built in Japan, and began their careers there before being acquired by Greek operators. The DIAGORAS has spent the bulk of her Greek career on the Dodecanese, which the KRITI I also went on to serve during the 2016 season.

The DIAGORAS seen in Perama. She went on to spend the majority of 2020 on the Piraeus-Chios-Mytilene line on the Northeast Aegean Sea.

The EL. VENIZELOS, the DIAGORAS and the KRITI I seen together in the Perama Ship Repair Zone.

Another view of the EL. VENIZELOS, the DIAGORAS and the KRITI I in Perama.

One last view of the KRITI I, which has since re-entered service for ANEK Lines on the Piraeus-Heraklion line, whereupon she replaced her sister ship, the KRITI II.

After seeing all the shipyards and repair zones of Perama, it was now time to see the passenger terminal for ferries and small passenger boats heading towards Salamina. There, I spotted four double-ended ferries, namely the MATOULA K of Salamina Ferries-K Star, the STAVROS N of Nikolaïdis NE, the THEOMITOR of Athinais Lines and the FANEROMENI of Panagia Faneromeni. Next to them was the small passenger boat PANAGIA of Panagia Thalassini NE.

The MATOULA K, the STAVROS N, the THEOMITOR and the FANEROMENI, all of which serve the Perama-Salamina line, seen docked in Perama.

While we were approaching Salamina, I then saw the small passenger boat SALAMIS EXPRESS III of Salamis Express heading towards Perama.

The SALAMIS EXPRESS III, which was spending her twentieth season on the Perama-Salamina line, having began operations there back when she was built in 2001.

Crossing the SALAMIS EXPRESS III as she is seen heading from Salamina to Perama.

One of the ship following her was the double-ended ferry APOSTOLOS M of Athinais Lines. She is one of the numerous double-ended ferries operating on the Perama-Salamina line, which is the busiest service of the Greek coastal service, with departure from both ports taking place every five minutes during most of the day.

Crossing the APOSTOLOS M as she heads towards Perama. Built in 2010, she is the youngest ship of her company. She has spent all but two seasons of her career on the Perama-Salamina line, with the sole exceptions being in 2013 and in 2015, when she was operating on the Rion-Antirrion line.

The APOSTOLOS M seen heading towards Salamina. Ten years after being built, she began to carry the new livery of Athinais Lines, which consisted of a new dark blue hull. Her fleetmate, the ATHINA P, also acquired it. However, the THEOMITOR still carries her usual white and dark blue livery.

The APOSTOLOS M seen during her fifth consecutive season on the Perama-Salamina line.

Another view of the APOSTOLOS M, as she is seen heading from Salamina to Perama.

As the GEORGIOS BROUFAS was about to first stop in the port of Kamatero in Salamina, I was able to have a clear view of the port of Paloukia, which featured dozens of double-ended ferries.

One last view of the APOSTOLOS M, on her way towards Perama.

Another view of the countless double-ended ferries operating on the Perama-Salamina line.

A view of the impressive GLYKOFILOUSA V. Built in 2017, she has since been operating on the Perama-Salamina line.

Another view of the GLYKOFILOUSA V, in what was the fourth season of her career.

I also went on to see the MICHAIL N for the first time in my life. She was built in 2018 for Nikolaïdis NE, and was inserted on the Perama-Salamina line.

The MICHAIL N seen in Salamina. She is the second ship in the history of her company to bear that name. Indeed, the first one was also a Greek-built double-ended ferry, which operated for Nikolaïdis NE from 2002 to 2016. She is now the ŞH ERGUVAN of the Turkish company Şehir Hatları.

I also saw the pair of Tsokos Lines double-ended ferries serving the Perama-Salamina line. Indeed, these were the PROTOPOROS XI and the PROTOPOROS X.


Another view of the MICHAIL N, during the third season of her career. She was initially being built as the EVANGELOS S for Sofras NE, however she was sold before her construction was completed to Nikolaïdis NE.

The GLYKOFILOUSA IV seen in Salamina. She was also built in 2017, just like her sister ship, the GLYKOFILOUSA V.

At 11:55, we were now ready to dock in the port of Paloukia in Salamina. As usual, the GEORGIOS BROUFAS docked in the area restricted to the small passenger boats. There, I spotted numerous ships serving Salamina, including the PETROULA of Petroula Speedline.

I also saw another ship serving the Piraeus-Salamina line, namely the small passenger boat ELENA F of Elena F Shipping.

The next two ships that I spotted were the ARTEMIS of Artemis SNE and the TZORTZIA of Speed Service Waterways.

The ARTEMIS seen in Salamina. The summer of 2020 marked her debut season on the Piraeus-Salamina line, which was also served by the GEORGIOS BROUFAS. Before that, she had spent all of her career on the Perama-Salamina line, from 2003 to 2019, although she had a three-year-long lay-up from 2015 to 2018.

Another view of the GLYKOFILOUSA IV as the GEORGIOS BROUFAS begins to maneuver in Salamina.

The ARTEMIS seen resting in Salamina.

The ARTEMIS docked in Salamina, during her third straight summer since being reactivated following her three-year-long lay-up.

The ARTEMIS seen as the GEORGIOS BROUFAS passes by her in order to dock in Salamina.

The ELENA F seen in Salamina as well. Built in 1998 for Elena F Shipping, she has spent her entire career on the Piraeus-Salamina line, except during the 2013 season when she operated on the Glyfa-Skiathos line on the Sporades, before returning the following year to her usual service in Salamina.

The ELENA F seen as the GEORGIOS BROUFAS begins docking next to her.

At the same time as the GEORGIOS BROUFAS was docking, the PANAGIA was also seen arriving in Salamina from Perama.

I had now disembarked from the GEORGIOS BROUFAS, thus ending my trip. I then had a quick view of the small passenger boats that were docked next to her. One of them was the PANAGIA KAMATEROU of Freedom Daily Cruises, which was laid-up in Salamina. The last time she had sailed was in 2019, on the Perama-Salamina line.

The PANAGIA KAMATEROU seen in Salamina. Her lay-up occurred just two years after her impressive conversion, during which most of her appearance was completely modified. This occurred as a result of her purchase by Freedom Daily Cruises, which deployed her in 2018 on the Parga-Syvota line on the Ionian Sea.

I then saw the AGIOS NIKOLAOS II of Oikonomopoulos-Drakos NE, which has been operating on the Perama-Salamina line since 2000.

A view of various small passenger boats serving the Perama-Salamina line: the PANAGIA, the PETROULA, the BOB SFOUGKARAKIS of Kavouris Shipping Company, the SALAMIS EXPRESS I of Salamis Express, the AGIOS NIKOLAOS II and the PANAGIA KAMATEROU.

The AGIOS NIKOLAOS II and the PANAGIA KAMATEROU seen together in Salamina.

The AGIOS NIKOLAOS II seen resting in Salamina.

The PANAGIA KAMATEROU seen in Salamina, awaiting her fate.

The PANAGIA seen resting in Salamina, just a few minutes after she had arrived from Perama.

One last view of the GEORGIOS BROUFAS, as she is now seen resting in Salamina.

And so this marks the end of second stage of a long day involving the Greek coastal service. A day like this could not happen without a fantastic trip from Piraeus to Salamina, which allows passengers to see so many ships at once, whether they are in Piraeus, Drapetsona, Keratsini, Perama or Salamina. Moreover, I was pleased to make this trip with the GEORGIOS BROUFAS, which, just like the GEORGIOS BROUFAS II had done in 2018 and 2019, provided me a wonderful experience during which I saw so many ships within 40 minutes, while also taking countless pictures and witnessing departures, arrivals, ferries which I got to see for the first time in years, and also other which I got to see and photograph for the first time in my life. Overall, it was a very memorable trip which I will hardly ever forget. Now, I was due to spend the next few hours in Salamina, exploring and photographing the island's local ferries and small passenger boats, and not only in Perama but also somewhere else... More information will be covered in next month's first Blog post.

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