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Built in 1980 (age 44). Registered in Piraeus. Current line: None (under refit in Piraeus)


The conventional ferry PHIVOS was built in Spain in 1980, as the PUNTA EUROPA for the Spanish company Isnasa. She was one of four sister ships which were all built for service on the Gibraltar Strait and on the Balearic Islands. The PUNTA EUROPA operated on the Algeciras-Tangier Med line on the Gibraltar Strait. She however departed Isnasa in 1998 due to the latter's severe economic problems. She was therefore chartered in 1998 to the Spanish company Euroferrys for service on the Algeciras-Ceuta line on the Gibraltar Strait. There, she reunited with her sister ship, the BAHIA DE CEUTA, which was also transferred to Euroferrys from Flebasa Lines, a subsidiary of Isnasa. The PUNTA EUROPA was then laid-up in 1999, and she only returned to service under charter to the Spanish company Umafisa of the shipping group Pitra in 2000, and she operated on the Dénia-Ibiza line on the Balearic Sea under the Pitra brandname. She was once again laid-up in Algeciras in 2001, and remained there until 2003, when she finally found a new buyer. The PUNTA EUROPA and her sister ship, the BAHIA DE CEUTA, were initially purchased by the Italian company TRIS Traghetti Isole Sarde and were both towed to Genoa, but never underwent conversion, and the plans to operate the two ships were abandoned after TRIS was taken over by the company Enermar. The two ships were therefore laid-up in Genoa for a year, until they were bought by the newly-established Greek company Nova Ferries in 2004. They were converted in Drapetsona and were renamed PHIVOS and ATHINA respectively. They then both entered service on the Piraeus-Aegina-Methana-Poros-Hydra line on the Saronic Gulf in 2005. The following year, the ATHINA was sold to Portuguese company Transmaçor, leaving the PHIVOS as the company's sole ship. She was deployed exclusively on the Piraeus-Aegina line in 2007. After the Saronic Ferries joint venture was established in 2014, the PHIVOS began serving the Piraeus-Aegina-Methana-Poros line, where she still remains today. Despite being the oldest ship on the Saronic Gulf, she is the fastest and most reliable ferry in the region.


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