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-Dimitrios P NE (2000-2023)

Built in 2000 (age 24). Was registered in Piraeus. Current line: None in Greece, sold to Morsko Dobro for further service in Montenegro

The double-ended ferry TELAMON was built in 2000 in Greece, having been ordered by the Greek company Dimitrios P NE. She was the fourth double-ended ferry built in the history of the Greek coastal service. She began service on the Perama-Salamina line, being joined by her sister ship and fleetmate, the DIMITRIOS P, a few months later. She spent her first 15 seasons on the Perama-Salamina line, until she was sent for service on the Rion-Antirrion line in 2015. She returned to Perama-Salamina line in 2016. That same year, she was also briefly used as a floating bridge connecting Epirus with Lefkada, as the regular floating bridge (the AGIA MAVRA) was undergoing her refit. She performed that same role again in 2020. That same year she returned to the Rion-Antirion line. In 2022 she headed back to the Perama-Salamina line. In 2023, after 23 years of service in Greece for her company, she was sold to the Montenegrin company Morsko Dobro, for whom she began service on the Kamenari-Lepetani line on the Kotor Bay as the RUKA PRAVDE.

PHOTOS (2019, 2021):

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