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-Superfast Ferries

Built in 2008 (age 15). Registered in Piraeus. Current line: None (under refit in Perama)

The Ro-Pax ferry SUPERFAST I was originally ordered in 2007 for the Italian company Grimaldi Holdings, for whom she was due to be delivered as the FORZA. In the middle of her construction, she was sold to the Greek company Superfast Ferries. Her construction was completed in 2008 in Italy, and the ship was launched as the SUPERFAST I, hence becoming the second ship in the history of the company to have that name (after the original SUPERFAST I, currently the SKANIA of the Polish company Unity Line). She was deployed on the Patras-Igoumenitsa-Corfu-Bari line on the Adriatic Sea, where she has seen been remaining. A sister ship, the SUPERFAST II, was delivered to the company in 2009. Both ships are currently the youngest ferries of Superfast Ferries.

PHOTOS (2021):

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