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Built in 1978 (age 46). Registered in Chios. Current lines: Piraeus-Chios-Mytilene-Limnos-Thessaloniki and Piraeus-Chania

The Ro-Ro carrier PELAGITIS was built in 1978 in South Korea, being part of a very successful class of 11 sister ships which went on to operate for various shipowners around the world. Intended to be built for the Swedish giants Stena Line, it was agreed that she would be chartered to the Swedish company Tor Line once she would be completed. She began service as the TOR FELICIA on the Rotterdam-Immingham line on the North Sea. Just a few months later, she was sub-chartered to the Italian company Merzario Lines, being renamed MERZARIO GRECIA, and was deployed on the Genoa-Cagliari-Palermo line on the Tyrrhenian Sea. In 1979 she returned to Tor Line and was once again reintroduced as the TOR FELICIA on the Rotterdam-Immingham line. In 1980 she started operating under the Tor Lloyd brandname. In 1983 she returned to Stena Line, which assigned her to the Stena Portlink division and renamed her STENA GRECIA. She was inserted on the Esbjerg-Felixstowe-Immingham line. In 1986 all divisions of the company were rebranded under the main Stena Line brandname, and the STENA GRECIA was deployed on the Travemünde-Gothenburg line. In 1987 she was sold to the Canadian company Marine Atlantic. She was renamed ATLANTIC FREIGHTER and was deployed on the North Sydney-Port Aux Basques line on the Cabot Strait. In late 1990 she was chartered to the United States Navy in order to provide military supplies to Iraq and Kuwait as part of the Persian Gulf War. She subsequently returned to Marine Atlantic in 1991, for whom she continued to operate until 2008, when she was laid-up in Port Aux Basques. She was sold in 2010 to the newly-established Greek company Ainaftis, and was renamed PELAGITIS. After a conversion in Chalkida, she was deployed on the Piraeus-Chios-Mytilene line on the Northeast Aegean Sea. In 2011 she also started to serve the Piraeus-Chania line. Since 2014 she has been operating on the Piraeus-Chios-Mytilene-Limnos-Thessaloniki line and on the Piraeus-Chania line.

PHOTOS (2021):

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