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-Panorama Shipping

Built in 1987 (age 37). Registered in Piraeus. Current line: Rafina-Marmari

The conventional ferry PANORAMA was ordered in 1982 by the Trinidadian state-owned company Trinidad and Tobago Inter-Island Ferry Service. She was completed in 1987 as the PANORAMA, and was deployed on the Port of Spain-Scarborough line on the Caribbean Sea, thus linking the island of Trinidad with the island of Tobago. After operating there for 23 years, she was sold in 2010 to the newly-established Greek company Panorama Shipping. She kept her original name (although she was reflagged to Greece), was converted in Drapetsona for a year, and was deployed in late 2011 on the Rafina-Marmari line on the Petalioi Gulf. She operates under the Marmari Ferries joint venture alongside the EVIA STAR of Geraistos NE.

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