-Zante Ferries (2007-2013)

current ELYSIA for PT Munic Line

Built in 1987 (age 34). Was registered in Panama. Current line: None in Greece, currently in service for PT Munic Line in Indonesia


The conventional ferry ODYSSEAS ELYTIS was built in 1987 in Japan, as the VENA for Higashi Nihon Ferry. She spent her first 20 years in Japanese waters, on the Aomori-Hakodate line, before being bought by Zante Ferries, along with her sister ship, the VISVA, in 2007. The two ships were renamed ODYSSEAS ELYTIS and ADAMANTIOS KORAIS respectively, and were planned to be deployed on the Cyclades. The ADAMANTIOS KORAIS was successfully converted in Drapetsona and in Salamina and entered service in 2008, but the ODYSSEAS ELYTIS remained laid-up in Zakynthos, as Zante Ferries could not afford her own conversion. She remained laid-up for almost five years, and, despite being painted in Zante Ferries colours and starting a few repairs in 2012, she was sold in 2013 to Indonesian company PT Munic Line, being renamed ELYSIA. She was deployed on the Merak-Bakauheni line. She grounded off in Mer in 2014, but she returned to service afterwards.


PHOTOS (2013):



The ODYSSEAS ELYTIS in Zakynthos, a few weeks after the announcement of her sale to Indonesian company PT Munic Line (7/2013).

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