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-Thirassia Shipping (1995-2022)

Built in 1995 (age 29). Was registered in Piraeus. Current line: None in Greece, sold for service in Cape Verde


The landing craft NISSOS THIRASSIA was built in Greece in 1995 for Thirassia Shipping. She has spent all of the 27 years of her career on the Santorini-Thirassia line on the Cyclades, hence ensuring the daily connection of Thirassia with its more popular neighbour. The ship moreover made a significant mark in the history of the Greek coastal service on 5 April 2007, when she took part of the rescue operation during the tragic sinking of the cruise ship SEA DIAMOND of Louis Cruises, which took place in the Caldera area in Santorini. The ship helped evacuate 1,500 passengers all by herself, and she was then helped by the lifeboats of the SEA DIAMOND and by other smaller local passenger ships. In 2022 her service was taken over by the KATO NISI of Elafonisos Ferries, and she was later sold for service in Cape Verde.


PHOTOS (2015, 2019):


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