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-Troiziniaki NE

Built in 1994 (age 30). Registered in Piraeus. Current line: Galatas Troizinias-Poros

The landing craft NIKOLAKIS D was built in 1994 in Greece, as the AGIOS SPYRIDON for the Elafonisos-based company Simos Star. She was deployed on the Pounta-Elafonisos line, where she remained until 2003, when she was replaced by the then-newly-built PANAGITSA (now the ROBIAN 1000 in Saudi Arabia). She was therefore sold to the Paros-based company Agia Marina I NE, and she was deployed on the Paros-Antiparos line on the Cyclades. She spent the following 12 years on this line, until 2016 when she was sold to Troiziniaki NE, as a replacement for the landing craft ELEFTHERIA D, which had been sold to the British Virgin Islands-based company Solaris Shiptrade Company as the KAYMAN SEAL. She was renamed NIKOLAKIS D and was deployed on the Galatas Troizinias-Poros line.

PHOTOS (2017, 2019, 2021):

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