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-Delos Tours

Built in 2015 (age 9). Registered in Piraeus. Current line: None (under drydock in Syros)

The small high speed boat MYKONOS JEWEL was built in 2015 in Greece, for the Samos-based company Venus Cruises. Initially known as the KATERINA, she was deployed on the Samos-Kuşadası line on the Northeast Aegean Sea. In 2016 she operated on the Patmos-Samos-Kuşadası line. In 2017 she was chartered for five years to the Kefalonia-based company Kontogiorgis Cruises. She was deployed on the Kefalonia-Ithaca-Skorpios-Madouri-Meganisi-Lefkada line on the Ionian Sea. Her charter however ended up lasting just one season, and she was subsequently laid-up in Perama. In 2018 she was sold to Delos Tours, which renamed her MYKONOS JEWEL and deployed her on the Mykonos-Delos line.

PHOTOS (2018):

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