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-Boufis Shipping Company

ex-METOCHI EXPRESS (ΜΕΤΟΧΙ ΕΞΠΡΕΣ) for Hydra Celebrity Lines (2014-2018)

Built in 2014 (age 10). Registered in Spetses. Current line: Kosta-Spetses

The small high speed boat SPETSES EXPRESS I was built in 2014 in Greece for the newly-established and Hydra-based company Hydra Celebrity Lines, under the name METOCHI EXPRESS. She was deployed on the Metochi-Hydra line, becoming the first ship to provide competition against the  company Hydra Lines, which had been operating since 2009 with three ships. After four seasons, she was sold in 2018 to the Spetses-based company Boufis Shipping Company, was renamed SPETSES EXPRESS I, and was deployed on the Kosta-Spetses line.

PHOTOS (2017, 2019):

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