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-Voutirakos Cruises

Built in 2002 (age 22). Registered in Thessaloniki. Current line: Zakynthos-Marathonisi

By far the most original ship of the Zakynthos tour boat market, the wooden pirate-themed passenger ship MENIA MARIA I was built in Greece in 2002, for the Greek company Athos Cruises, for service on the Ormos Panagias-Agion Oros line. She stayed there until 2011, the year during which she was sold to the Zakynthos-based company Voutirakos Cruises. She has since been operating on daily cruises around the island of Zakynthos, while also making some crossings to the island of Marathonisi, and sometimes in Kefalonia. She also serves as a floating restaurant and bar during evenings. All her cruises are pirate-themed, making her quite an impressive ship in the region.

PHOTOS (2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2021):


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