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-Kerras Cruises

Built in 2017 (age 7). Registered in Naxos. Current line: Naxos-Delos-Mykonos-Irakleia-Schoinousa-Koufonisi-Santorini

The small high speed boat KYRIARCHOS IV was built in Greece in 2017 for the Naxos-based company Kerras Cruises. She was delivered three years after her sister ship, the KYRIARCHOS III, and became the company's flagship, a role she held until the arrival of the KYRIARCHOS V in 2022. She was deployed on the Naxos-Delos-Mykonks-Irakleia-Schoinousa-Koufonisi-Santorini line.

PHOTOS (2018, 2020):

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