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-NEN Kritis

ex-AFRICANA (ΑΦΡΙΚΑΝΑ) for Thessaloniki Cruises (2019-2022) 

Built in 1963 (age 61). Registered in Volos. Current line: None (laid-up in Salamina)

The small passenger boat HERMES K was built in 1963 in Greece, as the AGIOS NIKOLAOS for Hermoupolis NE, for whom she began operating as a tour boat in Syros. She was converted in Syros in 1969, whereupon her decks were upgraded. In 1975 she was sold to Vamvakas Daily Cruises and was renamed AFRICANA. She began daily cruises on the Sporades, serving the Platania-Skiathos line. After 44 years in this service, she was sold in 2019 to Thessaloniki Cruises. She underwent an extensive conversion in Salamina, in order to begin service on the Thermaic Gulf. However, she was instead deployed on the Perama-Salamina line in late 2020. In 2022 she was sold to NEN Kritis and was renamed HERMES K. She was deployed on the Loutro-Agia Roumeli-Palaiochora-Sougia line in Southwestern Crete. NEN Kritis ceased operations in 2023 and the ship was laid-up in Salamina.

PHOTOS (2021):

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