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-Aegean Flying Dolphins 

Built in 1981 (age 43). Registered in Piraeus. Current line: None (under refit in Perama)

The hydrofoil FLYING DOLPHIN VENUS I was built in 1981 in Russia (then part of the Soviet Union), as the FLYING DOLPHIN XIV for the Greek hydrofoil company Ceres Flying Dolphins, alongside two other sister ships (the FLYING DOLPHIN XV and the FLYING DOLPHIN XVI). All three of them were deployed on her company's Sporades service, on the Agios Konstantinos-Volos-Trikeri-Pefki-Skiathos-Skopelos-Alonissos-Marmaras line. In 1999 her company was transferred to Minoan Flying Dolphins. She continued to serve the Sporades, although this time her service was restricted on the Agios Konstantinos-Volos-Trikeri-Skiathos-Skopelos-Alonissos line. Minoan Flying Dolphins was renamed Hellas Flying Dolphins in 2002 and Hellenic Seaways in 2005. However, as soon as the company was renamed Hellenic Seaways, the FLYING DOLPHIN XIV was sold to Paxos Flying Dolphins. She was renamed PAXOS FLYING DOLPHIN and entered service on the Ionian Sea, on the Corfu-Paxoi line. In 2008 she was sold to Aegean Flying Dolphins, was renamed FLYING DOLPHIN VENUS I, and was deployed on the Dodecanese, on the Samos-Patmos-Leipsoi-Leros-Kalymnos-Kos line. In 2010 she headed to the Saronic Gulf, being deployed on the Piraeus-Aegina-Agistri line.  At the end of 2011, due to having completed 30 years of service, she was forced to retire and to be withdrawn from the Saronic Gulf. She was laid-up in Perama for the next five years. In 2016, after the age limit imposed on hydrofoils ceased to exist, it was rumoured that she would be reactivated in order to operate on the Sporades, but this did not happen as she briefly replaced her fleetmate,  the FLYING DOLPHIN ATHINA, on the Piraeus-Aegina-Agistri line, due to the latter experiencing several engine troubles. However, the FLYING DOLPHIN VENUS I would herself go on to experience an engine failure after just two days of service, and she was sent again for lay-up in Perama. In 2019 she was reactivated once more and resumed service on the Saronic Gulf under Aegean Flying Dolphins, being deployed on the Piraeus-Aegina-Agistri-Methana-Poros line. She was once again laid-up in Perama in 2020, although she returned later that year on the Sporades, on the Volos-Skiathos-Skopelos-Alonissos line. In 2022 she once again returned to the Piraeus-Aegina-Agistri line.

PHOTOS (2019):

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