-Gerontakis Shipping

Built in 1993 (age 28). Registered in Piraeus. Current line: Piraeus-Aegina

The landing craft ELENI was built in 1993 in Greece for the company Elene B Shipping. She was initially named ELENE B and began operations on the Rion-Antirrion line. In 2005 she was sold to Corfu-based company Gerontakis Shipping, was renamed ELENI, and remained on the Rion-Antirrion line until 2007. That year, she underwent a small conversion in Perama, and was subsequently deployed on the Igoumenitsa-Corfu line, where she has since been remaining. Since 2018 she is part of the Corfu Ferries joint venture, which includes her company and Kerkyra Seaways.

PHOTOS (2018):


The ELENI seen resting in Igoumenitsa (8/2018).