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-Corfu Cruises

Built in 1996 (age 28). Registered in Corfu. Current line: Corfu-Paxoi-Antipaxoi

The small passenger ship CAPTAIN BILL was built in 1996 in Greece, as the ASPIS for the Corfu-based company Manessis Cruises. She was delivered to the company along with her sister ship, the KAPETAN GEORGE (today the KAPETAN G ANTONIS of Anthoulis Cruises), and they performed daily cruises on the Corfu-Paxoi-Antipaxoi line on the Ionian Sea. Both sister ships were laid-up in 2003 in Corfu due to the financial issues of their owner. The ASPIS was eventually reactivated in 2013 and resumed service on the Corfu-Paxoi-Antipaxoi line. In 2018 she was sold to Corfu Cruises and she was renamed CAPTAIN BILL. She remained on the Corfu-Paxoi-Antipaxoi line, serving as the flagship of Corfu Cruises.

PHOTOS (2022):

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