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-Dakoutros Glass Bottom Boat Cruises

Built in 1994 (age 30). Registered in Piraeus. Current line: Santorini-Nea Kameni-Palaia Kameni-Thirassia


The small passenger boat CALYPSO was built in Greece in 1994, for the joint venture of Dakoutros Brothers, in order to operate for their Glass Bottom Boat Cruises brandname. Dakoutros Brothers also operate Dakoutros Brothers Cruises which has several traditional wooden boats, and Dakoutros Speed, a subsidiary operating small high speed craft-these being the IOANNIS D, the PRESTIGE, the FANTASIA, the PELAGOS, the TAXIARCHIS D, the ELEFTHERIOS D, the THEOSKEPASTI, the KALLIOPI, the MEGA STAR and the SEA STAR. The bottom of the ship's hull is made with glass, and this feature allows passengers to see the bottom of the sea through the hull. She is the largest ship of this type in Greece, and also the only one operating in Santorini. She is therefore being a popular ship in the region, being frequently used by tourists. She operates on the Santorini-Nea Kameni-Palaia Kameni-Thirassia line, while also occasionally helping to transport passengers from the cruise ships to the various islands of the Santorini Archipelago.


PHOTOS (2015, 2019):

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