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-Arabella Cruises

Built in 1995 (age 29). Registered in Thessaloniki. Current line: Thessaloniki-Peraia

The wooden pirate-themed passenger ship ARABELLA was built in 1995 in Greece for the Thessaloniki-based company Arabella Cruises. She was built from the remnants of the keel of a wooden fishing boat named MARO, which previously was a traditional boat built in 1935 as the THALEIA, having participated in various missions for the Greek resistance during World War II. The ARABELLA was deployed on the Thermaic Gulf, serving the Thessaloniki-Peraia line, performing pirate-themed cruises while sailing along the coast of Thessaloniki and also serving as a floating bar. In 2005 she was almost fully damaged by a fire in Thessaloniki, but she was repaired and resumed her service on the Thermaic Gulf. She has remained a notable highlight in Thessaloniki for the past 29 years. 

PHOTOS (2022):

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