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-NEL Lines (2011-2016), Sea Jets Ferries (2016-2017)

current NORTHERN SEA WOLF for BC Ferries

Built in 2001 (age 23). Was registered in Piraeus. Current line: None in Greece, sold to BC Ferries for service in Canada

The conventional ferry AQUA SPIRIT was built in 2001 in Greece, as the AGIOS ANDREAS II of the Greek company Agios Andreas Shipping. She began service on the Piraeus-Aegina-Methana-Poros line on the Saronic Gulf. In 2003 she was deployed on the Kefalonia-Ithaca-Astakos line on the Ionian Sea, while in 2004 she was sold to the Greek company Kefalonia Lines (not related to Kefalonian Lines, which operated from 2013 to 2018). In 2005 she was renamed ANDREAS II and was transferred to the Neapolis Voion-Kythira line, where she was very successful. She was lengthened in Perama in 2006, and remained in service until 2007, when she was sold to the Swedish company Mr. Shoppy. She was renamed MR SHOPPY ONE, and was converted into a floating supermarket, while also operating on the Strömstad-Sarpsborg line on the Skagerrak in 2008. In 2009 she was deployed on the Strömstad-Tønsberg line, before being laid-up at the end of the year in Gothenburg. In 2011 the ship was purchased by NEL Lines, thus making a comeback to Greece. She was converted in Drapetsona, was renamed AQUA SPIRIT, and was deployed on the company's inter-Cyclades lifeline service, namely on the Lavrion-Kea-Kythnos-Andros-Tinos-Syros-Paros-Naxos-Donousa-Amorgos-Koufonisi-Schoinousa-Irakleia-Folegandros-Sikinos-Ios-Thirassia-Santorini-Anafi lifeline, whereupon she replaced the high speed ferry AEOLOS KENTERIS II. Despite four successful years in this service, her operations could not prevent the company's financial collapse, and the ship was the final one operating for the Lesbos-based company, before being arrested by her crew in Lavrion in 2015. After many months of lay-up, she was sold to Sea Jets in 2016, thus becoming the first conventional ferry in the history of the company, as the latter was only operating high speed craft at the time. Sea Jets thus decided to operate her under a different brandname compared to the one used on the high speed craft: Sea Jets Ferries. She returned to service on the same inter-Cyclades service on which she had been operating during her stint with NEL Lines, namely the Lavrion-Kea-Kythnos-Andros-Tinos-Syros-Paros-Naxos-Donousa-Amorgos-Koufonisi-Schoinousa-Irakleia-Folegandros-Sikinos-Ios-Thirassia-Santorini-Anafi line. She stayed there until 2017, when she was sold to the Canadian company BC Ferries. She was renamed NORTHERN SEA WOLF and left the Greek waters for the second time in her career, after a very successful stint on the inter-Cyclades service. She was replaced by her former NEL Lines fleetmate, the AQUA JEWEL, which was also acquired by Sea Jets. Due to delays during her conversion in Canada, she was not able to serve her new line for the 2018 season. Instead, she entered service in 2019 on the Bella Coola-Port Hardy line.


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