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-Saronic Ferries

ex-POSEIDONAS (ΠΟΣΕΙΔΩΝΑΣ) for Farmakoris-Villiotis NE (2010-2019)

Built in 2010 (age 14). Registered in Piraeus. Current line: Piraeus-Northern Aegina


The landing craft ANTIGONE was built in 2010 in Greece, as the POSEIDONAS for the Greek company Farmakoris-Villiotis NE. Upon completion, she was deployed on the Arkitsa-Aidipsos line, thus connecting mainland Greece with Evoia via the North Evoian Gulf. Her company also joined the Aidipsos Ferries joint venture, which also included Gavanozis Shipping and Aidipsos Shipping. She was deployed on the Rion-Antirrion line in 2011, but she returned the following year on the Arkitsa-Aidipsos line. In 2018 she was replaced by her younger fleetmate, the ALKYON, and was laid-up in Salamina. While it was initially rumoured that she had been sold overseas, this eventually did not happen and the ship remained laid-up in Salamina for the entire 2019 season, until she was sold to the Saronic Ferries joint venture (composed of Nova Ferries and 2way Ferries). She was renamed ANTIGONE and underwent a conversion in Perama and Keratsini. After 3 years, she was introduced on the Piraeus-Northern Aegina line on the Saronic Gulf in 2022.

PHOTOS (2019, 2021):

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