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-Theos Boats

Built in 1992 (age 32). Registered in Piraeus. Current line: Corfu-Paxoi

The small passenger tour boat ANNOULA II was built in Greece in 1992 for TUI Zakynthos, after a two-year delay in her construction. She began operating during the summer in Zakynthos, performing daily cruises around the island and to the islet of Marathonisi. She was extensively refitted in 1995, increasing her passenger capacity by 70%. In 2009 the ship was preparing to operate on the Piraeus-Salamina line, but this eventually did not happen and the ship remained in her daily Zakynthos summer service. She was sold to Theos Boats and was deployed on the Corfu-Paxoi line in 2018.

PHOTOS (2016, 2017):

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