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-Evermore Cruises

ex-AEGEAN GLORY (ΕΤΖΙΑΝ ΓΚΛΟΡΥ) for Pleasure Cruises (1992-1995;1998-2006;2011-2016)

Built in 1972 (age 52). Registered in Piraeus. Current line: Floisbos-Hydra-Poros-Aegina


The legendary passenger ship COSMOS was built in 1972 in Greece as the MYKINAI for the Greek company Anastasiadis, operating as a passenger ship on the Piraeus-Aegina-Methana-Poros-Hydra-Ermioni-Spetses-Porto Cheli-Leonidion line on the Saronic Gulf. Her service was tremendously successful, and she was the fastest and most comfortable ship on the Saronic Gulf for 4 years, before the arrival of hydrofoils. She was laid-up in 1983, and she was sold to the Tsafos family in 1984, being converted to a one-day cruise ship in Perama, for a return to service on the Saronic Gulf under the name AEGEAN GLORY. She was deployed on the Piraeus-Poros-Hydra-Aegina line, and her one-day cruise service was as successful as the first years of her career, which she had spent as a coastal service passenger ship. Her company was rebranded as Pleasure Cruises in 1992. She also operated under the colours of the former Greek cruise giants Epirotiki Line from 1995 to 1998, although she remained on her regular Saronic Gulf one-day cruises. She returned to Pleasure Cruises in 1998 and continued her usual one-day cruises. In 2006 she was chartered by Hydraïki Cruises (now also known as Athens One Day Cruises since 2012), continuing service on the Saronic Gulf. She returned to her owners in 2010, and in 2011 she was chartered for a month by the Greek company Sea Dreams for service on the Rhodes-Symi line on the Dodecanse. In 2012 she returned to her daily cruises on the Piraeus-Poros-Hydra-Aegina line, competing against her former charterers Hydraïki Cruises and their ship, the PLATYTERA TON OURANON, and also with the of KASSANDRA DELFINOUS of Olympic Cruises when the latter entered service in 2013. In 2015 she was put on sale and did not operate at all. She was sold in 2016 to her former competitors Olympic Cruises (which then renamed themselves Evermore Cruises), and she returned to service on the Saronic Gulf under the name COSMOS in 2017, after being fully refitted for an entire year in Perama. She was deployed on the Floisbos-Hydra-Poros-Aegina line.


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